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Seven Signs You Need an Eye Exam

If you are like a lot of the people we see and Main Street Optometry in Northport NY, we would really like to see you more often. If your vision seems OK, and you between the ages of 18 and 60, it's a good idea to get your eyes checked at least every two years. If you have turned 61, then you really need to get your eyes checked every year, especially if you have diabetes. But there are also some situations that are a clear signal that you need to get an eye exam right away.

1. You're having a lot of headaches.

Sometimes headaches are due to a strain of the muscles around your eyes as they try to do the work that could be more easily be done by corrective lenses. If you get the vision correction you need, the headaches go away.

2. You can't see up close anymore.

When your arms aren't long enough to hold out your phone or a bottle of medication so you can read essential information, chances are that you have a condition called presbyopia. Progressive lenses could be exactly what you need.

3. You have double vision.

There are a lot of conditions that cause double vision. Many of them are easy to correct, but you have to come in for your eye exam to get diagnosis and vision correction.

4. Difficulty seeing at night.

The old advice used to be that if you wanted to see at night, you needed to eat carrots. Carrots are healthy food, but they usually aren't enough to restore night vision. Come in to see us.

5. Constantly squinting.

Squinting is a sure way to get eyestrain. Come into your Main Street Optometry to get the reason you are squinting diagnosed and corrected.

6. You can't see objects in the distance as well as you used to.

Or your child's teacher sends you a message that your son or daughter doesn't seem to be able to see what going on in the front of their classroom at school. Usually, there are simple corrections for this problem.

7. You see halos around objects at night.

This is a sign that there are some changes in your eyes that need urgent attention. Eye exam shouldn't be put off even a month.

Let us help you see well. Schedule your eye exam with Main Street Optometry today.

It's never too soon to schedule your eye exam. Don't let vision problems hold you back. Main Street Optometry can help you with all of your vision needs.

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