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Find Out More about Orthokeratology at Main Street Vision Care in Longmont

Find Out More about Orthokeratology at Main Street Vision Care in Longmont

Also known as ortho-k, orthokeratology is the use of special contact lenses that are designed and fitted to reshape the cornea in order to improve vision.  This improvement is temporary, but the results can be maintained if the lenses are continually worn.  Most people wear them at night so the lenses can work as they sleep. This form of treatment is often likened to dental braces and is available at Main Street Vision Care in Longmont.

Who Can Benefit from Orthokeratology?

The main group of people who can benefit from orthokeratology are those who are near-sighted.  There are other options for treating this condition including laser surgery, regular contact lenses, or eyeglasses.  Orthokeratology is a way for those who are near-sighted to be able to improve vision without glasses or regular contact lenses without going through surgery.

Another group of people who can benefit are children.  Since vision can change until adulthood, surgeries for vision correction are not recommended. Therefore, orthokeratology is currently being studied as a way to slow down myopia in children.

How Does Orthokeratology Work and How Long Does it Take to See Results?

This treatment is totally individualized.  The patient's surface of the cornea will be mapped by using a corneal topographer.  This process is not painful and no part of the machine actually touches the eye.  From this information, a lens will be specially designed for the patient's eye.  By wearing the lenses, the patient's center of the cornea is flattened.  This changes how light is bent when it enters the eye.

Some people experience better vision within days, but it often takes about two weeks or longer to experience substantial vision correction. Patients will use a progression of temporary lenses until the desired prescription is reached.  Once a maximum vision is achieved, the patient will wear the same shaped lens each night to maintain this vision.

Call Us Today at Main Street Vision in Longmont to Find Out if Orthokeratology Could be Right for You.  

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