At Main Street Optometry in Northport, we ensure that we’re available to treat conditions like astigmatism with our qualified team, which includes an optometrist near you. If it’s been a while since the last time you saw an eye doctor, we can perform an exam, diagnose conditions, and give you a plan for astigmatism management treatment as part of your routine eye care regimen. We can also make recommendations for lifestyle changes that might help alleviate your symptoms.


What Is Astigmatism?

The term “astigmatism” applies to folks whose lens or cornea has a shape that falls outside of the typical shape for those parts of the eye. Frequently, folks who have this condition get a diagnosis early in their lives, but some might fall through the cracks and miss it until they become adults.

Symptoms of Astigmatism

Common symptoms associated with this condition include blurred vision, seeing more clearly when you squint, head pain, straining the eyes, and difficulties with adjusting your vision to dark or nighttime conditions. Since some of these symptoms can be caused by other conditions, it’s a good idea to see an eye doctor at our office to get an official diagnosis. We can perform the appropriate tests required to accurately diagnose this issue along with any other eye or vision issues you may have.

Causes of Astigmatism

Since astigmatism has to do with the shape of certain parts of your eye, you may think its cause could be genetic. At this time, doctors aren’t sure what causes astigmatism or how to stop it from occurring. We can only treat the symptoms and do our best to prevent the issues associated with it, such as headaches, from getting worse.

Treatment Options

Whether you’ve been formally diagnosed with astigmatism in the past or you suspect that you may have it, we must stress the importance of seeking professional eye care for accurate diagnosis and treatment. When this issue goes unidentified and untreated, it can wreak havoc on your vision quality over time. It can also make it difficult to complete regular tasks if your symptoms worsen since it can impact your vision.

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