Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care

Caring for your eyes is what makes the difference between eyes that are healthy and that see well, and eyes that do not serve their purpose. With families, caring for your eyes can be even more important as it pertains to your children as well.


What is Family Eye Care?

For those looking for an optometrist in Northport NY, Main Street Optometry is a great option. Family eye care is eye care for the entire family, this means parents and children. This can include things like an annual eye exam, emergency eye care, care for eye infections, exams for contacts and glasses and so much more. Families that go to the eye doctor together are more likely to keep going to the eye doctor in the future and to upkeep their eye care regimen. Kids that see their parents go to the eye doctor are far less likely to be scared of the eye doctor and a great doctor and doctor’s office can also help to assuage any fears that your kids might have regarding the eye doctor.

How Often Should You Have Eye Exams?

It is recommended that you have at least one eye exam per year. This is to help determine if there are any issues like an illness that needs to be taken care of, it is also to help make sure that your current eye issues are properly managed and if you do have a prescription it is also to update that prescription. Eye exams are a great way to make sure that your eyes are safe, that they are healthy, and that if there are any issues, you take the time to have them remedied by a professional. An eye exam includes a few different facets. The first is a visual inspection of the eye. This is to make sure there are no apparent issues. Your doctor will also look into your eye, will adjust your prescription if you have one, and will also screen you for issues like cataracts and glaucoma. Eye exams are essential to healthy eyes and they can help to catch problems before they adversely affect your eyes.

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One of the most important things is to find an optometrist that you trust and that your entire family loves. With great doctors and staff, anyone can be far from afraid of the doctor and can get their eyes cared for quickly and easily so that they can get back to living and not worry about their eyes. Family eye care may also involve pediatrics and pediatric eye care. Family eye care is incredibly important and making sure that your eyes are well cared for is also going to help you keep your eyes in great health for years to come.

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