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Keratoconus Care from Your Northport, NY Optometrist

While many vision disorders link to advancing age, keratoconus is often cited as an affliction of the young since signs of the disorder typically develop in individuals 10 to 25 years old.  Our Northport, NY optometrist advises that optimal outcomes occur following early diagnosis and eye care.  Patients who visit our Main Street Optometry practice enjoy the benefits of comprehensive testing to identify this and other vision problems.

Keratoconus Care

Keratoconus Overview

One of the most frustrating things about keratoconus is its unpredictable course.  Its hallmark symptoms of blurry vision and sensitivity to light or glare might take as long as 10 years to develop in some patients, and a much shorter time in others.

This disorder develops after the eye’s cornea thins.  This causes the cornea’s shape to change from a ball to a cone. As the collagen fibers that normally hold the cornea's shape weaken, eventually the cornea bulges.

Eye care professionals have yet to identify the specific cause of keratoconus, but suspect that environmental and/or genetic factors play a part.  Around 10 percent of diagnosed patients have a parent who suffers from the same condition.

Typical symptoms keratoconus patients experience includes:

  • Heightened sensitivity to light or glare, particularly at night
  • Distorted or blurry vision
  • Suddenly worsening or clouded vision
  • Frequent eyewear prescription changes

Keratoconus Eye Care Options

Main Street Optometry patients diagnosed with keratoconus have a number of eye care options.  For those in the early stages of the disorder, eyeglasses are the traditional treatment.

As astigmatism and blurry vision increase, many individuals opt for treatment with contact lenses, starting with soft contacts followed by types such as piggyback, scleral, and gas-permeable lenses.  Some benefit from collagen cross-linking, a therapy that combines ultraviolet light with vitamin B12 to strengthen the cornea.

An additional choice is the implantation of inserts called intacs to normalize the corneal curve.  For some individuals, the best therapeutic option is a corneal transplant.  When a patient decides to undergo a transplant after our optometrist has recommended this option, we are happy to provide both pre- and post-surgical care.

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