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Our Optometrist Can Provide Keratoconus Care

When it comes to optometry, think about it in the context of older people. After all, it is true that quite a few vision disorders are connected to advancing age. However, keratoconus develops in people from the ages of 10-25. It is ideal for diagnosing this condition, so you can receive eye care immediately. You can benefit from comprehensive testing for this condition and other conditions if you visit Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY. 


What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an unpredictable and frustrating condition. Sensitivity to glare and light, as well as blurry vision, are some of the most recognizable symptoms of this condition. These symptoms may take up to 10 years to develop in some patients. On the other side, other patients might develop them quickly.

This condition develops after the eye's cornea has become thinner. As a result, the cornea changes from a ball to a cone shape. The cornea eventually bulges as the collagen fibers that typically maintain the cornea's shape get weaker.

Optometry professionals still need to figure out what causes keratoconus. These professionals think it is likely that genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of this condition. Roughly 10 percent of patients diagnosed with this condition have a parent with the same situation.

What Eye Care Do We Offer?

You have various options for keratoconus care if you are our patient. If you are in the early stages of this condition, we provide eyeglasses as our usual treatment. However, when blurry vision and astigmatism worsen, many patients choose contact lenses as a treatment option. We offer soft contacts, scleral, and gas-permeable lenses. Additionally, we can provide collagen cross-linking and implants.

Collagen cross-linking strengthens the cornea with vitamin B12 and ultraviolet light. Intacs are implanted inserts to make the corneal curve normal. We can also provide pre-surgical and post-surgical care if you get a corneal transplant to deal with blurry vision and astigmatism caused by keratoconus. Our optometrist may recommend a corneal transplant if they feel it would work for you.

Visit Our Optometrist for Your Next Eye Exam

Regular exams from our optometrist can protect your vision and your family's vision. One way we do this is with eye exams. Our goal is to provide every patient with the best eye care possible. We treat many conditions besides keratoconus and develop individual treatment plans to meet the needs of our patients. Call us today at (631) 757-6190 to schedule your next eye exam. 

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