Low Vision

Learning About Low Vision

Low vision is a condition that significantly impairs vision, however, information about low vision is not widely discussed. Here at Main Street Optometry in Northport NY, our eye care specialists are doing as much as we can to educate the public about low vision because the symptoms associated with the process of the condition are not reversible with surgery, medication or any type of visual apparatus. Here is some information about low vision and the effects it has on vision.

Learning About Low Vision

Low Vision Can Attack People Of All Ages

There are many conditions of the eye that are relative to the aging process, however low vision is not one of them. Low vision can manifest in people of all ages. Major health events like a stroke can cause the onset of Low vision. The condition is also caused by congenital disease processes like glaucoma, cataracts and optic nerve hypoplasia. People who have sustained eye injuries and family history like optic atrophy should engage in an aggressive eye care plan to help protect their vision from the onset of low vision.

Low Vision Symptoms

Some people who have low vision have trouble focusing when they watch television. Recognizing faces and experiencing difficulties while shopping is also symptoms associated with low vision. People with low vision also tend to have difficulties identifying mechanical controls, switches, dials and electronics like computers and tablets. Our optometry team urges people to have their children’s eyes examined once a year if they have a congenital eye condition in their family history, as low vision can interfere with a child’s ability to learn. There are cases where children were identified as having a learning disability, and it was later discovered they had low vision.

Redefining And Adjusting

Low vision can cause major disruptions in a person’s life. People who are in the advanced stages of the disease have to learn how to engage in the activities associated with daily living. Here in our office, when our eye care specialists diagnose a patient with low vision, an aggressive eye care regimen is established to accommodate the individual needs of the patient. Some elements of an eye care plan for low vision could include but is not limited to rehabilitation training, home assessments, mobility services, and regular eye exams.

Learn More About Low Vision 

Our eye care team here at Main Street Optometry in Northport NY can’t overstate the importance of people having a comprehensive eye exam annually. Although there are several congenital conditions associated with low vision, regular eye exams help to identify and monitor changes that occur in the eyes from year to year. In regard to low vision, early detection of the condition is paramount in regard to treatment and slowing the progression of the disease. To learn more about low vision and how we counter the condition here in our office, give our eye care specialists a call at (631) 757-6190 to schedule your appointment today.                                                                                                                                                     

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