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Find the Best Way to Treat Your Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are common, but finding the right treatments to reduce their symptoms aren’t. If you have severe eye allergies, you'll want to see an optometrist. While the treatments you have been using might work to an extent, there could be better treatments available, or reduction strategies you didn't know about. Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY wants to help you see your options clearly.

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Causes and Symptoms Vary

Eye allergies are just allergies that cause you to have symptoms that involve your eyes. The symptoms can vary, ranging from redness, itchiness, and general feelings of irritation to watering and discharge. In fact, a form of non-contagious pinkeye is due to allergic reactions. Your vision can be blurry, and your eyes may feel fatigued. As you can guess, a new allergy that involves your eyes can mimic infections, so it's essential that you get the condition diagnosed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist before assuming you just have an allergy.

Treatment for eye allergies takes two main forms. One involves getting rid of or reducing exposure to allergens. The other involves treating the symptoms so they bother you as little as possible. Because the first strategy relies on knowing what exactly is causing the allergy, it helps to have tests done. While an allergy test might not show anything, things like dust in your home could still aggravate your eyes.

Antihistamines, including oral and eye drop forms, can be very helpful. Allergy shots could be an option, depending on the cause of the reaction.

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