Eye Allergies Treatment in Northport, NY

Eye allergies can cause discomfort and significantly affect your day-to-day activities. At Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY, we provide eye exams to learn more about your eye health and treatment that will relieve your symptoms. Before visiting us, learn more about the symptoms of eye allergies below! 

Eye Allergies

Understanding Eye Allergies

Eye allergies occur when the tissues inside your eyes, known as conjunctiva, become inflamed. These tissues are designed to lubricate your eyes, however, if they are swollen or inflamed, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms. While some symptoms may go away on their own, treatment can provide you with faster relief.


Eye allergies can produce various symptoms. Some of these symptoms include:

    • Itchiness
    • Red eyes
    • Watery eyes
    • Burning sensation
    • Blurry vision
    • Sneezing
    • Coughing


Many people develop eye allergies due to seasonal changes. The allergies may cause your immune system to react and prevent the allergies from spreading. You may experience allergies from irritants like dust or pollen. Not only that, but certain fragrances, smoke, and viruses can irritate your eyes as well.

Pink Eye Due to Eye Allergies

Eye allergies can lead to pink eye. This infection occurs when the tissues that line the eyelid are inflamed and is extremely contagious. If you have pink eye, we suggest visiting us for treatment immediately to prevent further complications.

Treatment for Eye Allergies

Our optometrists will perform an eye exam to learn more about your condition and determine the necessary treatment. The results will help us decide whether you have allergies or an eye infection. We will also examine your eyes to see if you have any swollen blood vessels. Along with that, our optometrists will also check the white blood cells for any signs of eye allergies. Afterward, we will advise you on whether to reduce exposure to potential allergens or provide treatment like eye drops to ease symptoms.

Preventing Eye Allergies

To prevent eye allergies, it is important to keep your hands clean at all times and avoid putting them in your eyes. Not only that, but try to also limit heavy outdoors activity to reduce exposure to pollutants like dust and pollen. If you happen to work outside, make sure to wear glasses to protect your eyes.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of eye allergies, our team at Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY, can help. Once we assess your eyes, we can provide treatment that will relieve your discomfort and help you return to your normal routine without being hindered. To schedule your appointment, call us at (631) 757-6190 today. When you’re looking for an optometrist near me, we are ready to assist you!

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