Who is a Good Candidate For LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK Surgery From Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY

LASIK surgery has become one of the most popular treatments for vision issues. LASIK can help correct your vision without needing contacts or glasses. Not everyone will be a good candidate for LASIK, though. Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY, is here to discuss who would benefit the most from LASIK.

Who Is a Good Candidate for LASIK?

LASIK is useful for addressing myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. You may not need to undergo LASIK if you are not suffering from one of these conditions. The specifics of your condition may determine if LASIK will be an effective treatment. LASIK is often most effective at treating conditions related to your cornea shape if you have farsightedness.

Your eyes will change as you age. Your eyes undergo a lot of changes when you are younger, much like other parts of your body. It is usually recommended that you wait until you are at least 21 years old before doing LASIK. You can start preparing for eye surgery while you are younger, though.

Your eye doctor may recommend you wait even longer if your eyes are still changing. You can measure changes in your eyes with regular eye exams. You will want to have a stable glasses prescription for at least a year before undergoing LASIK. Your eyes could change after LASIK and reduce its effectiveness if you do not do this.

Patients with certain health conditions may not be recommended LASIK surgery in some cases. Your body could struggle to heal after LASIK if you suffer from an autoimmune disease or immune deficiency. Diabetes is another condition that could affect your ability to heal after LASIK. LASIK is generally safe, but other health challenges could make the risks too high.

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LASIK surgery is a great way to correct vision issues without needing contacts or glasses, so contact Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY, to have your eyes seeing the world clearly again. Call us today at (631) 757-6190 to learn more about LASIK and how it can help you.

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