Sports Eye Safety

The Importance of Sports Vision and Eye Safety

Our eyes are very delicate and prone to injury when they are not protected. For those that play sports or are regularly active outdoors, caring for your eyes is far more important. If you are in the Northport, NY area, visit our office Main Street Optometry for your sports vision needs.

What Can Eye Care Do for Athletes?

If you play sports or have children that play sports, taking precaution to protect the eyes is essential. Along with normal and routine eye exams, you may also want to invest in protective eye wear. For those that wear corrective lenses you might want to invest in clear goggles or sport glasses that are going to help you to protect your eyes from potential impact. For those that do not wear glasses or corrective lenses you can also purchase protective eye wear to help keep your eyes safe and secure.

Why is Protective Eye Wear Important?

Protective eye wear can prevent grievous injury and potential blindness. Though our eyes are resilient they are not impact proof and they can become damaged very easily when you are playing sports. An impact can happen due to flying objects, dust or dirt particles getting into your eyes, or even impact from other players hitting you in one or both eyes can cause serious damage. With the wrong impact, you can sustain extreme damage to your vision. With the help of our skilled eye doctor you can get your eyes protected and be sure that there is nothing to worry about.

What to do If you have a Sports Eye Injury?

If you do sustain an eye injury while participating in sports, you do need to schedule an appointment immediately.  Call us immediately to help make sure that you do not have lasting damage and to help get your eyes healthy again. With the help of a quick visit Main Street Optometry to see our eye doctor we can help get your vision where you want it, and help you deal with a sports injury to the eye or provide preventative care. In the Northport, NY area call (631)757-6190 and we can get you scheduled today!

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