How Often Should You Receive an Eye Exam?

Taking care of your eye health is important if you want to maintain optimal vision. Although we need our eyes to see, our brain actually interprets our surroundings and allows us to see. Our eyes are more like lenses that take in light, colors, and shapes. It is possible for your eyes to decay or glitch without registering it in your brain. This means your eyes could be exhibiting signs of problems without you noticing for quite some time. This is why getting a regular eye exam from a licensed optometrist is important. If you are in need of an optometrist in Northport, contact our team at Main Street Optometry to schedule an eye and vision exam today.

How Often Children Should Get an Eye Exam

Age plays a role in the frequency of your visits to our optometrists. Newborns typically don't need to see an optometrist until they are at least 6 months old. The exception is if your child's primary doctor has notice signs of eye problems in the baby. If not, you should stick with the recommendation of a visit at 6 months of age. After the 6-month mark, visit our optometrists periodically. If your child wears glasses or has eye issues, you may want them to visit our eye doctors at least once a year. If your child's eyes are healthy, then you may not need to take them to the eye doctor once a year. Every other year may be efficient for a young child with healthy eyes.

How Often Adults Should Get an Eye Exam 

Once you hit adulthood, you have more of a chance of experiencing vision loss and other eye problems. If you wear glasses, contacts, or have any other issues, you should visit our optometrists at least once a year. If you have never had any eye problems, you should be able to continue visiting our optometrists every two years.

How Often Seniors Should Get an Eye Exam

Seniors may have a tougher time maintaining their eye health a division due to common eye problems caused by aging. Seniors should visit our optometrists for a regular eye exam at least once a year and more if they are experiencing severe eye problems.

Contact Us for Your Next Eye and Vision Exam from Our Optometrists in Northport, NY 

Protect your eye health by regularly getting them checked by our professional eye doctors. Our team is committed to providing our patients the eye care they need for optimal vision. If you need a Northport NY optometrist, contact the staff at Main Street Optometry to schedule your eye and vision exam today. Learn more about how we can help you manage your vision and eye health.

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