How to Treat Pink Eye

Many people confuse pink eye with allergies and even a style. Most of these ailments have similar symptoms such as redness, itching, or general discomfort. Conjunctivitis or pink eye is inflammation within your conjunctiva. This is the thin clear tissue that lies over the white of the eye and around the inside of the eyelid. Pink eye is highly contagious, but if treated quickly, is highly unlikely to damage your vision. At Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY we can diagnose and address your eye infection. If you suspect you are suffering from pink eye, contact an optometrist as soon as possible.

Types of Pink Eye

There are three main types of pink eye:

  • Allergic pink eye: This is caused by an irritant that causes redness, itching, pain, and discomfort.
  • Bacterial pink eye: This occurs when bacteria from your skin or respiratory system spreads into your eyes. This can happen by touching your eyes with unclean hands, applying makeup that is contaminated with bacteria, or sharing personal items with someone who has pink eye.
  • Viral pink eye: This is caused by a virus that spreads from the nose to the eyes. It can also be caught by someone who is infected by coughing or sneezing.

Pink Eye Treatment

While pink eye can occasionally clear up on its own, it usually needs to be treated by an optometrist. Our optometrist will first determine which form of pink eye you have before determining the treatment method that will be most effective. You will most likely be given prescription eye drops and instructed to use warm compresses to relieve pink eye symptoms. Our optometrist will also give you tips on avoiding pink eye in the future.

Contact Our Optometrist for Eye Infection Treatment in Northport, NY

If you are suffering from an eye infection in Northport, NY, contact Main Street Optometry today. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (631) 757-6190.

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