Back To School Glasses

Child with glass

When school starts back up, it's important for your child to have a pair of back-to-school glasses to start the year with. When your child wears glasses, there are many reasons to get a new pair when it's back-to-school time. When it's time for a new pair of glasses, call us at our Northport office to make an appointment for an eye exam for your child.

The Best Vision for School

When your child has trouble seeing well far away, this can make school harder for them if they can't see what they need to in the classroom. Going with an older vision prescription can leave them having trouble seeing the board at the front of the classroom as well as causing headaches. As a result, it can cause them to miss out on crucial information on the board and to have poorer socialization. Social and academic development are both highly affected by your child's vision, so make sure they can see as well as possible. Get them a new vision prescription for the start of school to make this happen.

Back to School Excitement

When you're getting a child ready for back to school, it's an exciting time. There's a lot to do before the first day of school, and getting new glasses should be a part of those traditions. They are an essential part of getting ready for school, and many kids are excited to get a brand-new pair of glasses to wear along with their new outfits. A new pair of glasses can be a fun way to get your child excited about the new year.

Visit Us for New Glasses Before School Starts

If your child wears glasses, it's always better to have a new prescription than an older pair that don't match their current vision needs. Call our Northport, NY, office to make an eye exam appointment for your child so that they will have a new prescription that's up-to-date.

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