Sports Eye Safety

Sports Eye Safety

It is vital to your success in sports to see at the best level. While you want to protect your eyes during sports, you will also want to see an optometrist for an eye exam to ensure your vision is optimized. At Main Street Optometry, you can meet with Dr. Richard Young or Dr. Arlene Vasquez-Young to get the eye care you deserve. If you live in Northport, NY, or the surrounding area, it's time to learn more about routine eye exams and to protect your vision while playing sports.

Sports Vision Optimized

Playing your best in sports will help you get an eye exam if you haven't had one in some time. Our optometrist will test your vision, and you will know if you need corrective lenses. Peripheral vision is also tested during an eye exam, which can significantly affect your performance. You should have an eye exam every other year if you don't have vision issues and once a year if you do.

What to Expect during a Vision Exam

When you see our optometrist for an eye exam, your eyes are checked during an eye exam. Your vision will be tested, including peripheral vision. You may discover that you need corrective lenses to see better. In addition, our eye doctor will test your internal eye pressure, and the optometrist will discuss any concerns noted during your exam. Finally, you can ask questions and talk to the optometrist about any questions.

Schedule an Eye Exam Today

If you need an eye exam to optimize your sports vision, it's time to call Main Street Optometry in Northport, NY, by calling (631) 757-6190. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Young or Dr. Vasquez-Young to set up your optometry appointment today.

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